McMahon Law, PLC
Effective Date: June 20, 2018

McMahon Law, PLC believes confidentiality, privacy and discretion are hallmarks of a good law firm and are characteristics we strive to exhibit in all aspects of our practice, including our website.  Except as discussed in the following paragraph, we do not collect, nor do we allow any third-party to collect, any information regarding visitors to our website, none, zero, zip.  Nor do we use, or allow any third-party to use, tracking cookies.  That is why you won't find a "contact us" form or active links on our website.  Instead, we trust if you decide you want to learn more about us, if you want to retain us or if you otherwise want to make your presence known to us, you will contact us by phone (269  408  8457) or by email.  The general email address is:  info[at]  Brian's email address is: brian[at]  Brian's assistant, Yvonne's, email address is:  ycluster[at]  Review the Terms & Conditions of Use paragraph at the bottom of this page before sending us an email. 

Exception.  The Client Portal and Secure Message links in the Menu are intended for use by clients of McMahon Law, PLC, only.  To protect our clients’ privacy and the security of electronic information stored on our systems, our website employs security measures that will actively attempt to obtain identifiable information regarding a visitor if:  a.) a visitor has unsuccessfully attempted to log into the Client Portal on two occasions; and/or, b.) software commonly associated with malicious attempts to breach secure servers is detected.  The information collected in these circumstances is used only to defend against further attempts to gain unauthorized access to the Client Portal and to defend against attempts to defeat the security measures in place to protect electronic information stored on our systems.  The information collected in these circumstances is shared only with the cyber-security vendor retained by McMahon Law, PLC and law enforcement.


Not only does McMahon Law, PLC not collect information regarding visitors to our website (except as specifically mentioned above), we go above and beyond to protect visitors to our website by employing a Secure Socket Layer ("SSL") on the user-end.  A SSL encrypts all communication between a user's server and our server.  To verify our SSL or the SSL of any website, type the following URL into your browser:, then type in the "Host Name" (e.g., etc.).  Our website is also protected on the server-side by a Web Application Firewall ("WAF") managed by Sucuri, Inc.  A WAF prevents any attempts to download malicious code to our website intended to collect information regarding visitors to our website.  This means if you see the URL: in your browser, you can have complete confidence you are at McMahon Law, PLC's website and that you were not diverted to a third-party site.


The lengths we go to protect the privacy of visitors to our website is nothing compared to the lengths we go to protect client information we store and transmit electronically.  As much as we would like to prove our commitment by listing all the safeguards we have in place to protect our clients' privacy, the first step in our cyber-security protocol is:  "Avoid public disclosure of security measures and methods used to store and electronically transmit confidential information."  But suffice it to say, all electronic information stored on our system (i.e. "while at rest") and all confidential information transmitted electronically (i.e. "while in transit") is secured using 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption (i.e. bank-grade/encryption) and permission based access software.


Unless and until you and McMahon Law, PLC have signed an engagement agreement with one another, you are not a client of McMahon Law, PLC; nor can you establish an attorney-client relationship with us by communicating information you consider confidential, private or that you expect to be protected by the attorney-client privilege to us.  Prior to signing an engagement agreement, McMahon Law, PLC conducts a conflict search of our database to confirm there is no conflict-of-interest by our agreeing to be retained for a particular matter.  Until we conduct a conflict-of-interest search of our database /and/ sign an engagement agreement with you, DO NOT include information in a communication to us (email or otherwise) that you consider confidential, private or that you expect to be protected by the attorney-client privilege.  If you do, by communicating such information to us you are agreeing to assume the risk that we are already retained by the party who is adverse to your interest; and, that the information you are divulging to us can be and likely will be used by us in our representation of that adverse party.